Frances Babb - Artist’s Statement

Member of IAAA -

International Association of Astronomical Artists


My medium is oil, sometimes with added texture. Living on Davis Island inspires my art on a daily basis with the water and the light feeding my imagination.


One of the more challenging tasks I enjoy is to create the original, this is where realistic abstract comes forth. Visions that I have in meditation are a source for this original art. I find it empowering to bring forth that which I see in what is called the “unseen world” and making it here to be seen. 


As an artist I strive to push myself to explore new techniques as bring forth motion and sensuality in a piece. I aim to be able to paint the way nature makes me feel. Sunsets that sing with color or a rainbow ocean that is mesmerizing. I love the way oils can be played with to create tones, temperatures and moods. 


I am compelled, driven and passionate about my painting. There is at times a magic that happens on the canvas. Something that defies the common use of the mind and body, an added connection of the divine that shows up and paints through me. That is the something that calls me to paint more to go deeper and continue to explore creating. 


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Visual Artist Frances Babb is located in

Tampa FL United States

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