Inspired by the photos of NASA each are a blend of highly textured sculpture and oil 

“Space is the final frontier” was the mantra of my generation. From the Moon Landing, Star Wars, Star Trek and Lost in Space to the ongoing release of images from NASA’s 16 successful missions to Mars’.  What else exists out there? What do other planets feel like? My whole being had to translate NASA’s images into something concrete here on earth, my hands sculpted the landscapes and imagined the colors of this foreign world when the NASA’s photos were not decisive. A world of blues, golds, browns and oranges. Once I began to visit this terrain, I was propelled by a need to render this beauty onto my canvas. I was able to have a tactile experience with the planet, recognize the regions of the surface and the nature of the ridges and river beds. I was able to repose in the peace I found in the completion of each window into this world, until the next neighborhood urged me to visit it with my paintbrush.That journey has produced 24 pieces so far in my series, ‘Crazed by Mars’. This series is a result of my exploration of the planet, illustrating the nuance and range of what is known as the ‘Red Planet’. I learnt there is so much more to this interstellar terrain than red dust, and hope to share the expanse of that beauty with the public in a new way.